Cyber Security

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Cyber Security

From strategic advisory consulting, managed security services and pentesting, KONSULTANT has the expertise to help you stay ahead of all cyber criminals. Our cyber security consultancy services ensure that your data is safe and guarded. With our experience, we help you to prevent, detect, protect and respond to cyber attacks, providing you expert guidance and enhanced security.

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Feature of this Service

World Class Cyber Security Transformation Consulting

We offer expert security consultancy services with threat detection and response required to block cyber attacks before they damage your business. We help individuals and organizations to respond to threats faster and leverage the most sophisticated and latest cyber security technology. We work with your IT team to ensure the implementation of a world class and rock-solid security program.

Our Services

We identify and assist in eliminating the root cause of the attack, minimize the impact of the breach and make users get back to business as soon as possible.

Designing Cyber Security Program

Learn to develop a mature and effective cyber security program and notably reduce risk.

Penetration Testing

We help you to reduce risk by uncovering weaknesses on your network with penetration testing.

Breach Management

We investigate and help you to manage all breaches with optimal speed and efficiency.

Incident Response

We guide and equip your team with comprehensive knowledge needed for successful incident remediation.

Malware Analysis

We provide the knowledge needed to analyze malicious software and to restore encrypted files.

Cyber Security Roadmap

We partner with your organization to develop a cyber security roadmap to protect your system.