Cyber Security

Implementing latest defensive methods, we ensure company’s data and IT infrastructure is secure.

Digital Marketing

Assisting through digital marketing strategies to focus on resources and reap maximum benefit.

Information Technology

Keeping PCs, networks and servers running with regular management of networks and systems.

Software Development

We provide e-commerce services and develop mobile apps with the personalized user interference.

Why Choose Us?

Why choose our consulting agency over other agencies in the market?

Our company operates from the perspective of a business owner, by learning every aspect of your business model we aid to manage your marketing better.
We track everything and turn the data into takeaways in order to eliminate ineffective advertising and make the most of the marketing budget.
KONSULTANT is a goldmine of digital information and information technology that not only helps you get better results but also empowers you with the latest tools to drive growth within your business.
Our company helps you to stay smart, from planning templates to strategy docs, we provide a variety of guides to make your job easier.

We Are Consulting Agency

KONSULTANTis a fully independent and integrated consulting agency. Helping businesses and individuals develop their skills, strategy, tactics and knowledge through a system of digital marketing, software development, cyber security and information technology. We provide marketing solutions, e-commerce services and service software that will help your business to grow without any compromise. Our mission is to assist our clients to make better decisions in the world which is being transformed by artificial intelligence.









Latest Work

Curious to know what takes to produce high quality leads to your business? Have a look at our digital strategies and marketing solutions. With KONSULTANT keep up with the latest tips, news and trending topics regarding digital marketing. We have assembled a team of expert commentators who are specialists in all digital marketing disciplines to provide you the best advice.