About Kipment

Kipment provides digital logistic solutions that are tailored according to your needs. By working with us you do not need to worry, we make sure that your package gets wherever you desire to send it without any delay with our fast, efficient and reliable logistic services.

Kipment is connecting people, communities and businesses to a better future through logistic services. Anyone can be a Kipment carrier and sender all over Pakistan. People going to other cities carry your parcel and we make sure your goods are delivered to you safely. We have designed our application with the most efficient and up to date infrastructure that has upgraded our deliverables and offerings to our customers.

Feature of this Product

Our motto is to pick the right product and deliver it to the right destination on time and with end-to-end visibility.

Door to Door Service

Kipment ensures that your parcel is picked from the home and delivered to the home.

Kipment Application

The Kipment application makes the follow-up of your parcel easier with in-house developed tracking.

Climate Neutral Shipment

We ensure that your temperature sensitive parcels are delivered safely with climate neutral shipment.

Connecting People

Our logistic services aim to improve the lives of people by connecting them and businesses.

Solutions Engineering

We enhance competitive performance by improving supply chain strategies.

Cost-Efficient Critical Delivery Solution

We actively monitor every parcel to ensure the most cost-efficient critical delivery solution.