About Krypton

By keeping all the employee information in one place and automating all the time-consuming HR administrative tasks, Krypton transforms the way you manage your HR system. With automated and streamlined processes and customizable reports, this HRMS gives you the tools you need to support your business.

Krypton is a cloud-based HRMS system developed to meet the needs of the growing businesses who want to escape the admin of managing their employees. With the information in the cloud, Krypton has developed a seamless design that adapts itself beautifully on any device and gets your tasks done. We manage all your employee data on one secure system and provide instant reports and tracking of employees.

Feature of this Product

Managing a team is a challenging task and we aim to let you escape from the HR admin so you can better focus on the growth of your business.

Onboarding Software

Our system helps to make new hires more productive with streamlines and easy process.

Employee Data on one HRMS

Our HRMS analyzes and tracks employee position and pay across the entire company.

Automated Workflows

Our system decreases your workload by automating the employee Offboarding and Onboarding tasks.

Track Expenses

Easily generate reports and manage employee expense claims to help you calculate budgets.


With our system welcome new hires with company-branded portals, customizable permissions and security.


Our features include background check tool, performance management system and applicant tracking system.