Security Consultancy

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Security Consultancy

Whether it is about investing vulnerabilities, engineering a hardened IT security environment, assessing risk or testing for external and internal threats, we provide the capabilities that you need for information security and assurance. With our consultancy services improve your detection capabilities, build an effective response program and turn your existing plans to optimized incident response programs.

Fables Template
Fables Template

Feature of this Service

Cyber Security Solutions to Mitigate Risks

KONSULTANT team provides the expertise needed to control and manage IT-related business processes and offers cyber security solutions to mitigate the risk of compromise of critical information. With our technical consultancy capabilities, we act as an outside counsel to make sure that you possess an objective view of security posture and strategy for IT risk management.

Our Services

Based on our experience, we identify an action plan that our clients must deploy for maturity and risk analysis checks, malware analysis, security audits and vulnerability assessment.

Risk Assessment

We help organizations understand the impact a cyber attack can have on their business activities.

Vulnerability Assessment

We evaluate and assess the issues that directly lead to a breach and provide solutions.

Strategic Advisory

Our strategic advisory facilitates the development of robust security programs for your organization.

Risk Management and Program Development

Assess risks and build comprehensive security programs to improve the strength of your security.

Controls and Compliance

We guide in remediation of cyber security compliance gaps, to help focus on relevance of controls.

Social Engineering

Learn to test the level of knowledge and security training your employees truly possess.