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Web App Development

At KONSULTANT, we focus on consultancy services to help you create innovative web applications delivering scalable, secure and intuitive functionality to your end users. We empower our clients with adaptive web app development solutions using practices to simplify complex business workflows and proprietary web technologies. We deliver end-to-end web app development solutions with the latest technologies.

Fables Template
Fables Template

Feature of this Service

Responsive, Scalable, Secure and Rapid Web Apps

We offer responsive, secure, scalable and rapid web app development support that matches business needs and strategies of customers and help them achieve their targeted goals. We tailor web app development solutions in accordance with our customer’s needs and help them develop custom web apps that easily become an integral part of their existing business systems.

Our Services

We provide web app development consultancy ranging from basic landing pages to complex web solutions which help our clients to achieve their business goals effectively.

Progressive Web Apps

We help you develop mobile-friendly progressive apps which are easily installable on the home screen.

Manual and Automation Testing

Our experienced consultants ensure the appropriate manual and automation testing of your apps.

Support and Maintenance

We consultants ensure that your web apps stay updated by appropriate support and maintenance.

Frontend Development

We provide front-end development consultancy services to make web apps powerful and intuitive.

Backend Development

We provide backend development consultancy services in accordance with our client’s business needs.

Single Page Apps

Learn to design and develop interactive SPAs which ensure cross-browser compatibility and responsiveness.